What are the Questions to Ask when Visiting an Apartment?

Are you moving to a new stage in your life and want to buy your own home? But you are wondering what questions to ask when visiting an accommodation! Whether it is for the visit of an apartment or a house, it is important to prepare in advance in order to ask the right questions to the real estate agent when the time comes. To do this, Tengah EC professional has concocted a checklist of points to address and small tips to follow before confirming your real estate purchase with your real estate agency.

What are the financial questions to ask before even visiting the accommodation?

The financial aspect plays a very important role in the choice of accommodation, so it is essential to be informed of all the taxes, charges, fees or other expenses necessary even before buying the property.

The questions to ask before visiting the accommodation are:

  • Will there be work to be done in this accommodation?
  • How much is the housing tax?
  • What is the amount of property tax?
  • What is the estimated cost of the charges to be expected?
  • Are electricity and hot water included in the rent?

If you opt for a condominium unit, do not forget to ask for the maintenance book and inquire about condominium fees. You will find a lot of useful information and it will allow you to have an idea of the work done and the amounts that have been granted to them in the past. Also, try to negotiate Tengah EC price to benefit from the best possible offer. If you have any doubts about the future work or moves to be undertaken, you can always come back with a specialist such as an architect who can provide you with a clear and precise quote.

What are the questions to ask during the visit of the accommodation?

  1. Property condition issues

Once there, do not be fooled by the beautiful painting or new furniture of the place. Ask the seller everything you need to know about the condition of the home and pay attention to anything that might bother or harm you in the future.

Questions to ask about the condition of the property when visiting the accommodation are:

  • Have the performance diagnoses been carried out recently? Can I take a look at it?
  • Does the electrical diagnosis show irregularities or inconsistencies?
  • Does the boiler, hot water tank or water heater work properly?
  • Are there traces of moisture in the accommodation?
  • Do the windows have single or double glazing?
  • How are the pieces exhibited? How big are they?
  • What are the load-bearing walls?
  • Are some rooms separated by partitions?
  • Does the bathroom have good ventilation or a small window?
  • Is the accommodation well insulated?
  • Has a presence of vermin (mice, insects…) been reported recently?

A word of advice, open your eyes and listen well during your entire visit! Pay attention to the condition of the walls, windows and ceiling.

  1. Housing design issues

Then, have confirmation that you can arrange and modify your property as you wish. Be careful, during a rental for example, the occupant cannot modify all the premises without the agreement of the owner.

Questions to ask about the layout of housing during the visit of an apartment are:

  • Can I paint the walls according to my personal tastes?
  • Is it possible to make perforations or openings in the walls?
  • Do I have the right to change the decoration?
  • Is there any renovation work possible?
  • Can I install a satellite dish or cable?
  • Is carpeting allowed?
  • Can I cut down the trees or build a swimming pool in the garden?

It is likely that the landlord will grant a financial contribution at the request of the tenant for certain changes. You can also opt for Tengah EC showflat viewing to make sure you want to change anything or the condominiums are already perfect.

  1. Neighbourhood and neighbourhood issues

Questions to ask during an apartment visit are:

  • Where are the nearest shops, schools or parks?
  • Is there public transport nearby?
  • Where can I park in the neighborhood?
  • What is the average age of the other inhabitants of the building?
  • Have any complaints already been made?
  • Have you ever had noise pollution?
  • Do neighbors have pets or children that can interfere with tranquility?
  • Is the neighborhood safe at night?
  • When and how do the general assemblies take place?

You now have all the keys in hand to choose the perfect accommodation in your eyes! Remember our list of questions to ask when visiting a home and everything will go well.